You Have To Go All Out For What You Want In Life

Today’s inspirational quote to start the week is very powerful and it applies to all areas of life:

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There are so many times we simply wait for something to happen. That thing we dream of having or doing. That place we want to go, that something we want to try and more. But we can’t just sit, waiting for that “something” to come to us. We have to go after it.

Yes, it can be difficult and scary. Most of the time if it isn’t then it wasn’t something you really wanted. If it was too easy, it wasn’t that big, audacious goal you’re thinking of right now. But those scary times we go through? That’s when we grow and when we reach that goal, getting that “thing” we worked for? Wow –  it’s a sweet taste of victory! Plus, it builds your confidence to move to that next dream of yours.

So just remember: you have to go for that goal, that dream, that thing that excites and scares you at the same time if you truly want to have it. If not, it won’t magically appear.

Big Hugs!



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Mar 11, 2019

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