Yes – I Love Stickers!

I recently looked at my planner sticker collection and realized I have a problem. Well, maybe not a problem but here it is: I love collecting stickers. Not only that, I love to make them too!

Stickers, Planners, Journals, CreativityAs I wrote in a previous blog post, I’ve begun using a planner again. I have one I can use on my iPad and a paper one. Both can be decorated and looked colorful which I love! It lets me stay organized and use my creativity at the same time.

Now storing digital stickers is one thing. One small file is all you need. Paper stickers? That’s a whole other thing! But thank goodness, after scrolling through Pinterest and watching a few YouTube videos, I found a system for my stickers and Washi tape. But I must say I’m still refining it.

The newest thing is being able to make my own stickers. Whether it’s something I design myself and use my Silhouette machine or copy and paste from the internet (for my personal use only!) then print to sticker paper, I love it. Using stickers (and Washi tape) can be used in personal journals too! It just adds pizzazz!

So if you have too much of something – stickers, paints, pens, Washi tape, yarn, sketchbooks, novels, collectibles – ANYTHING that makes you happy and puts a smile on your face, just know it’s totally fine! Actually, it’s great to have something you enjoy and makes you feel good.



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