Where Is Your Favorite Reading Spot?

Where is your favorite place to sneak off to and read a good book? I don’t know about you but I have several places.

My first place is to cuddle up in bed with my latest book find. The only problem here is that I usually get so relaxed I fall asleep!

My next favorite place is the beach! Now you knew this was going to be on the list right? I especially love that this beach has a pier with a covered area that has nice picnic tables. Reading and listening to ocean waves? Delightful!

Then there is always sitting in the boat, floating along the river. But I have to admit that this is another place that I get so relaxed that I can very easily fall asleep.

I also have a hammock in our backyard that is perfect for reading. But what interrupts my reading is watching the clouds overhead. I get mesmerized watching them change shapes.

So where do you like to read your favorite books? I would love to know!

Big Hugs!


Jun 05, 2018

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