When You Need A Break, Use Your Creativity

Every now and then, especially when I’m working on a new writing project, I have to take breaks. But it doesn’t mean I’m not writing each day. This just means that there are times when I need to do things other than type away on my laptop.

I’ve very blessed to have my own writer/artist nook in our home. It’s a great room in the front of our house where I can look out the windows and see our beautiful front yard, the tall trees and the peaceful river. Today I took one of the crafting tables (I have a couple in there) and set it up completely for making jewelry. All my supplies are out and raring to go when I need that computer break.

I love crafting handmade jewelry pieces and especially if they involve an ocean or bohemian theme. So now when I need a break from writing my latest book (working on “Camping in High Heels: Yellowstone” at the moment), I go to my little room and craft a necklace, bracelet, some earrings or an ankle bracelet.

Jewelry Station

Having another creative outlet helps with all kinds of stress. For me it helps especially when I might get stuck on a scene in my book. A little time away from the story gives me a bit of perspective. Plus during that time, I’ve made something beautiful usually while listening to some fun, upbeat music.

So what is your creative outlet? Cooking? Photography? Drawing? Sewing? Writing? I would love to know!

Big Hugs!


Jun 15, 2018

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