Today’s Question: What Is Your Favorite Item Of Clothing For Fall?

With Fall here and the temperatures starting to get cooler, the change in clothing for me is significant. I love Fall and Winter clothing, but I still like bright colors of Summer so sometimes that presents a challenge.

I think – well I know – my favorite item of clothing for this season is my blue jeans! I LOVE denim jeans. I wear them all through the Fall and Winter. They are the staple for my wardrobe since I like my casual hippie, beach vibe. You have to admit that jeans go with just about everything! You can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.  My second favorite item is BOOTS! I love my boots too and wear them almost daily during this time of year.

When I think about the characters of my books and what they wear, it’s a pretty easy answer. In my “The Florida Keys Novels,” almost everyone wears flip-flops. I mean, that’s what I wear too all summer long here in Charleston. When we are in the Keys, they are the only shoes I pack. I do have to be careful because I have a tendency to stub and break my toes when wearing flip-flops (even did this once on a shopping cart wheel!) but I’m proud to say that this summer there were no broken toes thank goodness.

So what is your favorite item of clothing for the Fall and Winter?

Big Hugs!



PS – You can read more about my series “The Florida Keys Novels” by clicking here!


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Oct 17, 2018

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