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This Week It’s All About Gratitude

Wow, it’s been a rollercoaster for us here along the Southeast shoreline. Hurricane Dorian certainly made an impact along the coast and though we received some damage here, I feel so blessed. This week it’s all about gratitude!

Dorian’s Destruction

First, I have to say how heart wrenching it is to see the destruction in the Bahamas. I wish I could wave some magic wand and make it all better but alas that’s not possible. I’m looking into ways to help the people of these beautiful islands and when I find out any info I’ll be sure to pass it along.

As for our experience here in Charleston, it was very anxiety producing. Watching Dorian go west then wobble up the coast of Florida and beyond caused a bundle of stress. We were prepared since this certainly wasn’t our first time to experience a storm like this but that icky feeling of dread was there.

Now the weather nerd in me loved watching the nature side of the storm. How it formed. The steering currents. Watching the pressure rise and fall. Measuring wind speeds and rainfall amounts. And then once the storm arrived, Jeff and I ventured outside (not the smartest thing to do) to see the action.

So Grateful

After it was all over, Jeff had to go straight to work (electricity anyone???) and I was left to maintain the house, making sure everything was okay. And it was. I was SO GRATEFUL the storm damage was minimal. All my family members were safe. We had a generator to keep our refrigerator and freezer cold. Our stock of food and water were plenty. We had the medications we needed. I was thankful that we prepared as well as we did.

Only One Journal Prompt This Week

So this week is probably a repeat of a journal prompt from before but I truly believe this is one that we could do once a month. Every day this week, write about gratitude. You could draw a picture of what you’re grateful for. Maybe take a few pictures and what captions explaining why you’re grateful. Make a gratitude list using different colored pens, writing your thoughts around stickers that make you happy. Decorate the edges of your paper with Washi Tape to bring an extra smile to your face. Just make this week all about gratitude.

What are you grateful for?



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