The Song of Birds

Everyday I try to do my best to spend some time out in nature. Lately my choice places have been the beach or sitting by the river. But today was a little bit different.

Granted, I was by the river, but not as close as usual. But as I sat in the rocking chair this evening, gazing at the water in the distance, my attention was captured by the singing that was happening all around me.

Not sure if I happened to come out at just the right time but it sounded as though every bird in the neighborhood was chirping and singing. A few even sounded like they might be talking to each other, especially a bird that was in the tree right beside me. He/she was singing quite loudly and as soon as she was finished, I could hear another bird in the distance that seemed to answer back. It really fascinated me as I sat and listened!

Then slowly things began to quiet down. It was the same time as the sun was just about to set so maybe there is a correlation here – I don’t know. Maybe someone out there could tell me. I just know that it seemed like everyone might be going to bed! LOL!

Maybe today my nature fix wasn’t the sound of ocean waves but the concert of birds was an amazing treat.

Big Hugs!


Jun 13, 2018

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