The Joy Of Christmas Lights

I don’t know about you but I love Christmas lights! There is something about the twinkling bulbs that make this time of year so festive.

I love the lights of Christmas so much that we keep fairy lights in our house all year long. No, they aren’t technically Christmas lights but I love the warm effect of the little lights in some of the rooms in our home.

Christmas, Christmas Tree, The Holidays, As for Christmas lights, we have them all over the house. Plus outside! My husband does all the outside lights and I love his displays. He is still in the process of putting up lights to decorate the exterior. I’ll put a finished picture up on social media when it’s completed.

Our tree has both white and multi-color so we can choose which to enjoy. It just depends on our mood. We have an artificial tree due to my medical issues and I love the fact that the lights are already on! I have to admit that stringing Christmas lights is not my favorite part of decorating.

If you enjoy lights at Christmas as much as I do, take the time to enjoy them. Whether you are out and about in the evening or while you are sitting at home reading a good book or watching a holiday movie, soak in the festive ambience of pretty little lights!

Big hugs!




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Dec 02, 2018

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