“Thankful November” Day Three: The Dock By The River

For Day 3 of “Thankful November” I have to tell you about one of my favorite places that I’m very thankful for – the dock on the Ashley River.

Dock, River, Relax, Relaxing, Boats, Self Care, Thankful, Grateful, GratitudeI feel truly blessed to be able to walk to the dock and relax, enjoying nature all around me. Sometimes I take my computer down there with me to write. Other times, I crank up a bit of music for dancing. Then there have been those nights when I’ve gone to the river, laid back in the chair and watched a meteor shower in the sky above.

The animals and creatures that hang around the dock are fun to watch also. From the tiny fiddler crabs that seem to be all over the place, the egrets and hawks that fly up above and the alligators that like to make their home nearby are entirely fascinating to observe. One thing that can be a bit disconcerting is the spiders that do like to drop down suddenly from the trees at dusk!

I love spending time by the river all year long and also in all types of weather – from times where my clothes are layered 3 or 4 items thick to stay warm to times where we wait till sunset to walk to the dock, so the temperatures are tolerable. But I love it all!

So what are you thankful for on Day 3 of “Thankful November”?

Big Hugs!



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Nov 03, 2018

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