“Thankful November” Day 9: A Nice Hot Shower!

Remember when I told you that I would be mentioning the small things that I’m grateful for? Well this is one of them! On the 9th day of “Thankful November”, I’m so happy for hot showers.

Shower, Relax, Relaxation, Hot ShowerI know it may sound odd but we’ve had a water heater problem now for about 4 weeks. Sometimes we have hot water and other days it’s room temperature or maybe lukewarm if we’re lucky. The technicians are doing their best to help resolve the problem but I really didn’t appreciate how much I enjoyed standing under hot water at the end of my day, especially times when my muscles are hurting. Let’s just say I’ll be super happy when we have steady hot water on demand.

It’s amazing the little things that we take for granted.  So what are you grateful for today?

Big Hugs!



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Nov 09, 2018

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