Take Time For You!

Are there times when you feel like you just move from one task to another? That you never slow down except maybe to eat and sleep? This has been me lately but here is the problem: I like it too much.

I know, I’m sounding weird again. Seeing things or tasks get checked off a “To Do” list gives me some sort of mental high. This is a good thing and bad. But let’s discuss the good first.

Getting things done is great, especially when you are moving toward a dream, passion or goal you have your heart set on. You need to be driven and dedicated. Organized and planned. Have timelines and completion dates. All these words are like music to my ears! These make for those awesome times when you reach your goal and see all your effort come to life before your eyes!

Now here is the bad news: you can’t live on this 24/7 high. You will burn out. I say this because that is what I’m going through to some degree. I had this realization last week while trying to figure out why I have been not feeling so good for about 3 (now 4) weeks. I looked back at all my usual triggers for my goofy illness. Yes, maybe I ate something wrong here or there but nothing to warrant the physical discomfort I have been in.

Then an intervention of sorts took place. My hubs, mom and best friend said, as lovely as possible, to SLOW DOWN! REST! I was even told to just sit and watch some TV or read. What???? There is no way I can watch TV and not crochet, paint, clean or something – that old multi-tasking bug has its claws in me pretty deep. I even listen to audiobooks and work/clean to make sure I’m productive. And as soon as I wake in the morning, its feet to the floor and off to do my morning routine. No lying in bed for me. That is, except when I’m sick.

So to get out of this never ending cycle of always being on “Go”, I decided that I would pick a TV series to watch on Netflix. I was planning to treat myself to an episode each day as “down time”. Well, I started this weekend and ended up watching 8 episodes! I finally just sat and did something restful – just one thing, not 5 at one time. So this is MAJOR progress for me. But at the same time, I stressed a bit because I started thinking about all the things I needed to do. I was having withdrawals from not checking something off a list.

The next thing I did was have some date time with the hubs yesterday morning. Part of me wanted to stay home to get things done but I remembered my friendly “intervention” and caved in. It wasn’t really hard to convince me to go because my hubs mentioned breakfast at the beach then go for a walk. Beach equals happy time in my world. But we went from there over to another park. I took the camera, got some great shots and just took time to slow down, be with my wonderful man and enjoy the beauty around me.

So if you are anything like me (trying to do too much too fast), take it from me – slow down. You will still reach your goals. It is especially important if you have any kind of outside stress such as a chronic illness (hand raised here) that can make things seem even more hectic. Just think about something that would be fun for you. The possibilities are endless that can help you to relax and still have time to reach those dreams you strive for.

Sending you love and hugs!


PS – I will admit, I might crochet a bit while watching TV but crocheting is very relaxing for me. So I don’t count this as multi-tasking even though my intervention team encouraged me to go without it at least this past weekend. And I did!

Aug 22, 2016

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