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This Week Let’s Write About Self Love

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This Week Let’s Write About Self Love

Today is special because our journal prompts for the week have to do with self-love. Yes, loving yourself no matter what!

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How Are You thriving This Summer?

I truly hope that in your part of the world that things are fine as they can be at this moment in time. Have to admit it’s been challenging!

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New Book Means New Book Signing Events!

I’m still so excited about my newest and first non-fiction book “You In A Book: Your Story Through Journaling”! It’s receiving a nice reception from everyone and I want to say thank you to all!

Minimalism Can Be Fun!

I know you’ve probably heard a lot about minimalism lately. Reducing clutter and living with only what you need or the items that bring you joy has become the “in” thing for a good reason.

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What Kind Of Planner Do You Use?

You know my love/obsession with planners – digital and paper. I’ve heard from others who love their planners so what is your favorite type or brand of planner?

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Self-Care Tip: Go A Day Without Complaining

Today I’m bringing you another self-care tip and though this might sound a bit unusual it’s a great one: go one day without complaining about ANYTHING!

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