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“Thankful November” Day 12: Rainy Days


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“Thankful November” Day 12: Rainy Days

I know most people probably think it’s a bit weird to love rainy days but I do. It doesn’t matter whether it’s fall/winter or spring/summer.

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Sometimes You Just Need Some Peace And Quiet

When is the last time you have had a day where there was just the natural sounds around you? Or maybe silence? For me, I can say it has been quite a while until today. And now that I’ve enjoyed this little taste, I might have to incorporate “quite” days into my life.

Storms at the Beach

Tweet I know that most people only love going to the beach when the sun is high in the sky and the temps are warm but I love going anytime. And I mean anytime! It doesn’t matter where the beach is located, whether it’s in the Keys or right here in my hometown of Charleston. …

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It’s A Rainy Day

TweetDo you ever find yourself waking up on a rainy day and wondering what to do? I have had this happen to me but not a lot. It seems my to do list is a mile long everyday but sometimes I just want to throw it out the window and do something I want to …

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