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I’m Having Planner Confusion!


I’m Having Planner Confusion!

I have a paper planner – Yay! But I keep going back to my digital calendar and plain notebook. Habit I guess but the new planner is so pretty!

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Have You Tried Music When You Need Some Inspiration?

When you need some inspiration, what do you turn to? Music is the thing for me when I need that extra push to get through a task or project.

List, Lists, To Do List,

Love Getting Things Done!

I would have to say that today has been very productive. Actually, this entire week has been. I love getting things done!

Let’s Have Some Paper Planner Fun!

I’ve been using a digital planner for a while but I missed writing things down. So now I’m using a paper planner too with the creativity of stickers, colored pens & more!

Sometimes You Just Need To Simply Begin!

If you procrastinate know that you aren’t alone but let today’s quote sink into your mind. I know it’s helping me! Just simply begin!

Do You Have Trouble Finishing Projects? Do You Procrastinate?

If you are a procrastinator like me, don’t sweat it. You can change your habits. I am – it just takes some time.

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