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My “Summer Camp” Was A Bit Unusual This Week!


My “Summer Camp” Was A Bit Unusual This Week!

My “Summer Camp” was very different this week. Because of bad thunderstorms, doctor’s appointments, etc., things were changed up – but in a good way!

Minimalism Can Be Fun!

I know you’ve probably heard a lot about minimalism lately. Reducing clutter and living with only what you need or the items that bring you joy has become the “in” thing for a good reason.

I’m Having Planner Confusion!

I have a paper planner – Yay! But I keep going back to my digital calendar and plain notebook. Habit I guess but the new planner is so pretty!

My Planner Is Finished – Well Almost!

Still at work putting together my fun, creative planner. New goal: TO HAVE A PLANNER TO SHOW TO YOU NEXT WEEK! Then I can share how I did it!

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My Planner Is Almost Done!

If you’re planner addict like me it’s fun to put your own together. A little from this planner and a little from another. Hope to have it finished in a few day!

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What Kind Of Planner Do You Use?

You know my love/obsession with planners – digital and paper. I’ve heard from others who love their planners so what is your favorite type or brand of planner?

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