Time For A Self Care Break

Do you have times when you just take that break you need? If not, ask yourself why. Taking time for yourself just might be the thing that energizes you later.

It’s Self-Care Time! What Are You Doing For Yourself This Weekend?

Most people have a tendency to put their self-care last on their list – taking care of others but your care should be #1.

Relax, Sunshine, Hammock, Self Care, Self-Care

5 Ways To Practice Self Care

Remember: you are special and there is only one of you. Take care of yourself so you can share your gifts and talents to the world.

This Week’s Book To Read: “Food: What The Heck Should I Eat”

This week’s “Book To Read” is Food: What The Heck Should I Eat by Mark Hyman. I know everyone has their own opinions about food plans and such but I really wanted to recommend this book – it has some very interesting information.

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Did You Say Exercise?

Not a fan so what’s a girl to do? She puts on some kick-butt music and dances or walks the house. May sound silly but it works!

Stress, Overwhelm, Reduce Stress,

Feeling Overwhelmed? 11 Ways To Stress Less

When you need to reduce some of that stress you’ve been carrying around, try some of these tips.

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