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Get Your Journals Out & Let’s Write About Fun!


Get Your Journals Out & Let’s Write About Fun!

I hope this list of prompts help brings some fun into your life. Goodness knows we all could use some now! And if we take the time to think about fun things to do and plan accordingly, we can all have some good times amidst the current circumstances we find ourselves.

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It’s Journal Prompt Day!

I love Journal Prompt Day – so many questions and ideas to explore and writing it all in your journal is a plus. But you don’t only have to write: draw, takes pics & more!

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Our Vacation “Staycation” Has Officially Begun!

It’s Official – Vacation “Staycation” time is here! Looking forward to some time “away” even if we don’t leave the house.

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What Are You Curious About?

Next time you are setting goals and thinking about your dreams, ask yourself first what you’re curious about – a great way to help you plan your goals!

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Do You Do Something Fun Everyday?

So find something – every day – that makes you happy. Whatever it is, make sure you find yourself smiling and feeling happy even if only for a small time each day.

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A Busy Charleston Weekend!

Even though Spring has yet to come (though the weather is starting to feel like it), festivals and events are already here.

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