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New Journal Prompts Are Here!

Family Fun

New Journal Prompts Are Here!

I’m having so much fun with my “Summer Camp” activities plus writing these journal prompts. But let’s talk “camp” first!

Crafts, Macrame,

It’s Journal Prompt Day!

I love Journal Prompt Day – so many questions and ideas to explore and writing it all in your journal is a plus. But you don’t only have to write: draw, takes pics & more!

Welcome To My Summer Camp Plus New Journal Prompts!

It’s certainly feels like summer though the calendar says it’s still a few weeks away. So I’ve put together my own “Summer Camp” experience for the next three months.

Ravenel Bridge, Bridge, Charleston, South Carolina

It’s Time For Some Weekend Fun!

There are so many activities this weekend! Your city is probably having its share of Spring events. Whatever you do this weekend, have a relaxing, enjoyable time.

Beach, Pier, Folly Beach, Folly Beach Pier, Sand, Surf, Waves, Ocean, Weekend, Vacation

It’s Time For The Weekend! Any Fun Plans?

Wow, the weekend is already here! What is that saying: Time flies while you’re having fun? Well, this week has been a chaotic but now for the weekend.

Christmas, Santa, Presents, Holidays

Walking Down Christmas Memory Lane

It’s fun to think back on those Christmas memories. Everything as a child seemed so magical. But even as an adult, this time of year holds a special feeling that is wonderful to behold.

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