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How Are You Doing With Your New Year’s Intentions?


How Are You Doing With Your New Year’s Intentions?

I hope that your intentions are coming along nicely and that you are making positive changes even if they seem small. Every step in the right direction is something to be excited about.

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What Is Your Dream Vacation?

What is your dream vacation? I had many ideas pop into my mind but when I really sat with the idea for more than a few minutes, my answer surprised even me.

Let’s Write Down Those Intentions/Goals for 2019!

Our next step in getting ready for 2019 is to write our intentions/goals/dreams for the year. What do you want to accomplish over the next twelve months?

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Are You Getting Ready For 2019?

Have you done this before? Chosen a word that represents what you want to accomplish for the new year? This has become popular lately!

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It’s All About Consistency! This Is Blog Post #200 In A Row!

THE MAIN REASON I SHARE THIS WITH YOU IS THIS: If you have a dream or goal, I don’t care how big or small, take those baby steps and go for it.

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Have You Ever Made A “Reverse Bucket List”?

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of what we’ve already accomplished while we push forward to our next big goal or dream. Just don’t forget that you’ve already had some amazing adventures and build on those.

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