Time For A Self Care Break

Do you have times when you just take that break you need? If not, ask yourself why. Taking time for yourself just might be the thing that energizes you later.

A Blog Post About Nothing

Take care of yourself and have a wonderful evening from the girl who was lazy today and not feeling one bit of guilt!

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Where Do You find Creativity?

Find your creativity, whatever that means to you. There are so many forms. I bet you might say: “Why haven’t I done this before!”

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It’s Sunday FunDay!

Ahhh – Sunday! A day off (for some) and a great time for some self care time or family fun. Any fun plans?

“Thankful November” Day 26: Creativity

Take some time to think about ways in the past you’ve been creative and didn’t know it now that you know creativity is different from what you have believed in the past.

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Is Meditation A Part Of Your Day?

Tweet Meditation Is A Wonderful Way To Relax So do you meditate? Sometimes? Every day? Not at all? It seems lately like meditation is a popular buzz word and I thought I would get some input from my readers. As for me, I’ve have practiced meditation for quite a while now. But probably not the …

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