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It’s Journal Prompt Day!

I love Journal Prompt Day – so many questions and ideas to explore and writing it all in your journal is a plus. But you don’t only have to write: draw, takes pics & more!

Time For A Self Care Break

Do you have times when you just take that break you need? If not, ask yourself why. Taking time for yourself just might be the thing that energizes you later.

A Blog Post About Nothing

Take care of yourself and have a wonderful evening from the girl who was lazy today and not feeling one bit of guilt!

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My New Boho Closet “Curtain”!

Have you ever made something funky for your house? I love finding creative ways to decorate especially when I can repurpose something I already have.

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It’s Sunday FunDay!

Ahhh – Sunday! A day off (for some) and a great time for some self care time or family fun. Any fun plans?

“Thankful November” Day 26: Creativity

Take some time to think about ways in the past you’ve been creative and didn’t know it now that you know creativity is different from what you have believed in the past.

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