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Merry Christmas!


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Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas y’all! The big holiday is finally here and I hope that each one of you has had a beautiful day.

Christmas Eve Candlelight

Well, it’s finally Christmas Eve. The big day is tomorrow and, so far, it has been a beautiful holiday season.

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Will You Be Tracking Santa Tomorrow Night?

Every year I love tracking Santa Claus on the NORAD Santa Tracker. Have you ever done this before?

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Are You Ready For Christmas?

So I hope you are ready or, like me, almost ready for the holidays. It will be here shortly and let’s make it a fun time!

Christmas Presents, Gifts, Holidays

Let’s Wrap Some Gifts!

So as the big holiday approaches, this is when wrapping presents goes into full swing around my house.

Christmas, Santa, Presents, Holidays

Walking Down Christmas Memory Lane

It’s fun to think back on those Christmas memories. Everything as a child seemed so magical. But even as an adult, this time of year holds a special feeling that is wonderful to behold.

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