Happy Birthday America!

Happy Birthday America! You’re officially 243 years old! There have been bumps and bruises but you’re still here!

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Happy New Year’s Eve! And It’s The Journal Giveaway Winners!

Can you believe it is the last day of year? It’s been a busy one with a lot that’s happened but now it’s time to take on 2019!

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It’s A Christmas Time Birthday!

This evening, my family had a wonderful dinner for me with surprises, good food and the beautiful gift of time – sitting around the table, sharing stories, planning holiday activities and sharing memories of past celebrations. I loved every minute.

Love To Celebrate Family!

Tweet I think I have may have mentioned before in one of my previous blogs that I come from a large family. Not my immediate one – I’m an only child. But my mom is one of 13 children and my dad is the eldest of 12. To give you some perspective, I have 47 …

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Tweet I certainly hope all the moms out there have had a wonderful day. I love that we spend one day out of the year just to celebrate our mothers (dads – your day is next month!). But then, maybe moms need to be celebrated every day! LOL! My mom, Irene, has been a rock for …

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