Camping in High Heels

Camping in High Heels: California, by Miki Bennett

Meet “Liz” from the “Camping in High Heels” Series!

I love writing the character of “Liz”. I hope you enjoy “meeting” another character from the “Camping in High Heels” series.

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Let Me Introduce You To “Kate Palmer”!

An “interview” of Kate Palmer from the “Camping in High Heels” series. She might be a bit pampered but she is learning to make her way in the RV and camping world, one adventure at a time.

It’s Online Book Party Fun With “Camping in High Heels: Yellowstone”!

I love when I’m able to release a new novel! I usually have a book signing event but this weekend I had to cancel so we are having an online book party instead!

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Why I Love Writing The “Camping in High Heels” Novels

With the release of the 4th book of the “Camping in High Heels” novels – “Camping in High Heels: Yellowstone”, I thought I would give you a bit of why I love writing these books.

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