Get Your Journals Out & Let’s Write About Fun!

I hope this list of prompts help brings some fun into your life. Goodness knows we all could use some now! And if we take the time to think about fun things to do and plan accordingly, we can all have some good times amidst the current circumstances we find ourselves.

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Sea Turtles And Some Journal Prompts!

I feel incredibly lucky that we live close to the beach! To see baby turtle hatchlings is such a treat. So let’s write about nature this week!

Back to the Keys by Author Miki Bennett

Let’s Meet “Everly Meyers” from “Back To The Keys”!

It’s another character “interview”! This week I’m “talking” to “Everly Meyers” from “Back to the Keys” – novel #4 in “The Florida Keys Novels”.

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Self-Care Tip: Go A Day Without Complaining

Today I’m bringing you another self-care tip and though this might sound a bit unusual it’s a great one: go one day without complaining about ANYTHING!

Forever in the Keys by Miki Bennett

Let’s Meet “Abbey” From My Novel “Forever In The Keys”!

This week brings another “character interview”! Meet Abbey Wallace – the main character in my second novel, “Forever in the Keys”, in the “Florida Keys Novels”.

Beach, Shells, Waves, Surf, Exercise

Exercising At The Beach

I’m not sure how the weather is where you live but here in Charleston it’s wonderful! So much in fact that Jeff and I decided to exercise at the beach this morning.

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