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Are You Working At Your Dream Job?

So how about you: are you already working at your favorite spot? Or are you still on the path to making that dream job become a reality?

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Let’s Meet Author And Chef Jennifer “Jenny” Brule!

Let me say that looking through Jenny’s cookbook made me want to start trying out some new foods right away! Every recipe pictured looked so yummy!

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How About A Cruise To Antarctica? Wow!

Have you ever thought of cruising to Antarctica? I think that would be an adventure of a lifetime! Hey – that sounds like it would make a good novel!

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Meet Award Winning Author Dorothy St. James!

I got spend a wonderful time with author Dorothy St. James this past Sunday for the debut of her new novel and learned a lot of about chocolate – she is a wealth of knowledge about this sweet treat!

Question For Today: Why Do I Blog?

I blog because I love to write and share information with other people.

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Sometimes I Wish I Could Write My First Novel Over Again

They say when you do something over and over you learn a new skill. That is how I feel every time I write a book, novella, story – even a blog post. I would love to use what I’ve learned to rewrite my first novel.

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