Some Of My Favorite Authors

I get ask a lot if I still read books since I write novels. I LOVE reading and my goal is to read 100 books each year. I’ve done it twice in the last few years and by reading this much, it actually helps my writing.

I also get asked who my favorite authors are and I have many. So I’ve decided that I would like to feature these authors in my blog every now and then so you can find someone new you might like.

But to start with, I want to give you a list of my current favorites. I say current because I never know when I might find someone new to add to my list. If you get a chance, check these authors out:

Mary Alice Monroe

Mary Kay Andrews

Sophie Kinsella

Nancy Thayer

Emily Giffin

Debbie Macomber

Rick Roirdan

Stephanie Meyers

J.K. Rowling

Brenda Novak

This list is only the beginning and I’ll be sharing more authors later. But the ones listed above are, to me, just amazing. As you can see some have even had their books made into movies (Harry Potter anyone!).

So who are some of your favorite authors? Would love to know!

Big Hugs!


Apr 18, 2018

The Keys To Montana

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Who are your favorite authors?