I’m so excited to share my artwork with you.  I use various mediums from acrylics, alcohol inks and watercolors and I’m exploring other techniques.

You can purchase the pieces by clicking on the picture of the piece.  There you will be taken to FineArtAmerica where you can purchase the artwork as a print, on canvas, and other options such as a cell phone cover and more!

“Under Water”

Artwork - Under Water - Alcohol Ink Painting
An abstract painting using Alcohol Inks to create an under water sea scene.
SHOP NOW | “Under Water” – Alcohol Ink Painting


Artwork - Rainbow - Alcohol Ink Painting
I love bright colors and this Alcohol Ink Abstract painting does not disappoint. The colors blend into one another to create a tropical flare abstract painting.
SHOP NOW | “Rainbow” – Alcohol Ink Painting

“The Slide”

Artwork - The Slide - By Miki Bennett
An abstract acrylic painting where water in incorporated to help the paint flow. To me it give the appearance of the colors “sliding” into each other, thus the name.
SHOP NOW | “The Slide” – Acrylic Painting

“Water On Mars”

Artwork - Water On Mars - Alcohol Ink Painting
This is an abstract Alcohol Ink painting. I named it “Water on Mars” due to the colors at the top of the painting depicting an otherworldly tangerine color atmosphere with contrasting red mountains. Under the ground, there appears water to be found.
SHOP NOW | “Water On Mars” – Alcohol Ink Painting

“Smoky Mountains”

Smoky Mountains - Watercolor Painting
A watercolor depiction of the beautiful Smoky Mountains in North Carolina.
SHOP NOW | “Smoky Mountains” – Watercolor Painting

“The Bayou”

The Bayou - Acrylic Painting
This is my depiction of a bayou in the South. I love the colors giving the painting your choice of whether it is sunrise or sunset.
SHOP NOW | “The Bayou” – Acrylic Painting


Bubbles - Alcohol Ink On Wood Painting
This is an Alcohol Ink abstract painting where I let the ink flow to create bubbles.
SHOP NOW | “Bubbles” – Alcohol Ink On Wood Painting

“Waterfalls And Flowers”

Waterfalls And Flowers Acrylic Painting
A beautiful painting based off a place I visited. I loved the petite waterfall with the cascade of flowers.
SHOP NOW | “Waterfalls And Flowers” – Acrylic Painting

“The Palm Tree”

The Palm Tree - Watercolor Painting
A watercolor painting of a long palm tree on the beach. It is your choice as to whether it is a sunrise or sunset.
SHOP NOW | “The Palm Tree” – Watercolor Painting

“Moonlight Waves”

Artwork - Moonlight Waves - Acrylic Painting
An acrylic painting of beautiful ocean waves illuminated by a full moon.
SHOP NOW | “Moonlight Waves” – Acrylic Painting

“Bahia Honda State Park”

Bahia Honda State Park Photograph
The beautiful beach and waters of Bahia Honda State Park in the wonderful Florida Keys.
SHOP NOW | “Bahia Honda State Park” – Photograph

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my artwork.

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