Ready For This Week’s Journal Prompts? It’s About Family!

It’s Monday – time for journal prompts or “sparks” for the week. I love the response to the prompts and I’m glad you’re enjoying them. This week let’s talk about family!

Family, Friends, Together, Here are the questions to think over and write about the next several days in your journal. Remember: don’t censor yourself! Your journal is a safe zone for your thoughts and feelings. Some of these questions can be a bit tough so be kind to yourself.

  1. Are you an only child or have siblings? In either case, how does that make you feel?
  2. Were or are you close to your parents?
  3. Do you come from a big family or a small family? Do you wish it had been different?
  4. As a child were you encouraged to strengthen your gifts or talents?
  5. Is there something you did as a child or teenager – within the family setting -that you regret?
  6. What is an accomplishment that made you and your parents proud?
  7. Did you have a family pet growing up? Do you have a pet now?

There are SO MANY other family questions we could delve into – this only scratches the surface. We’ll dive into much more later!




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May 13, 2019

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