Question For Today: Why Do I Blog?

My Blogging Journey

Recently I was asked this question: Why do I blog? It took me off guard because I didn’t have a quick answer but I do now.

I blog because I love to write and share information with other people. Also, I’ve been told I talk A LOT, so blogging helps me get those thoughts out of my system, just instead of voicing them I type them (I might start doing videos soon so watch!). I love sharing information about my books, other author’s books, the writing process, creativity, and my ups and downs of dealing with several chronic illnesses but still pushing through. I love sharing about my DIY projects, how to stay organized, the latest TV show, and my love for all things “beachy” and living on the coast. I just love writing about anything that I think is interesting, hoping that you might find it fun and informational too.Blog, Blogging, Computer, Writing, Photography, Sharing Information, Blogger,

Which leads me to this: I’m changing up the website/blog, but I’ll be writing more about that tomorrow so stay tuned! Plus, I want to thank you. All my readers – for reading and sharing my books and for sharing my blog posts as well. I think you are an incredible group of people and I’m so blessed to have you in my tribe.

Sending happy vibes to all!



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Sep 30, 2018

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