Author Miki Bennett - Media Kit - High Res Photo

Forever in the Keys

Florida Keys Novel Series

All it took was one visit to the Florida Keys for Miki Bennett. From here, she decided that this would be the perfect setting for her first novel series: The Florida Keys novel series. She knew that she had a love for these tiny islands. She also fell in love with the tropical vibe that surrounds them. Furthermore, this would be the perfect place for the stories she envisioned about women overcoming obstacles. Not only that, but they would also live out their dreams with a bit of romance.
The Florida Keys novel series includes the best selling title, “The Keys To Love”. In addition, it includes “Forever In The Keys”, and “The Keys To Love”. Along with these best selling titles, it also includes some popular titles. It includes titles such as “A Wedding In The Keys”, “Back To The Keys”, and “Run Away To The Keys”.

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