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Camping In High Heels: Yellowstone

Camping in High Heels Novel Series

The Camping in High Heels novel series is the second series from author Miki Bennet. Consequently, she gained inspiration from growing up in the RV Industry. Miki’s parent’s owned three RV dealerships. Therefore, Miki traveled the USA in motor homes and travel trailers. Real life adventures and experiences shape this best selling novel series. The comedy romance stories are more special because they are authentic.
The Camping In High Heels novel series follows the adventures of Kate Palmer. Kate is a well known travel blogger. In addition to Kate’s travels, she looks for love along the way. Kate is accustomed to lavish accommodations. She lives the high life. Nevertheless, Kate travels across the country to find new adventures. Kate loves the great outdoors and the open road. In conclusion, Kate Palmer refuses to be defined by her past.

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