Positivity And Being A Good Finder

I recently read an essay about being a good finder. The definition of a “good finder” is someone who can see the good in people, situations, life – well, really just about anything. They choose to see the good so they easily find it. So I ask: Are you a good finder?

Inspiration, Positivity, Beauty, Finding the good,Being totally transparent here, I do my best to be a good finder each day but I can’t say I’m always successful. I believe that most people truly want to focus on the positive. But sometimes life just gets in the way and finding “good” in something can be a challenge. I’m raising my hand here though I do have a lot more days where I see the happiness, positivity and the “good” around me. I believe it takes practice, making it a priority to look for the good with each thing you do, with each person you talk to, with each decision you make.

So I’m going to do my best each day to see the good – the beauty in the people and things around me. Want to join in? I think you’ll like how you feel.

Big Hugs!


Aug 04, 2018

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Have Fun Being A Good Finder