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Our Vacation “Staycation” Has Officially Begun!

I’m excited that Jeff and I are now officially on Vacation! WooHoo! But we are choosing a “Staycation” instead of traveling.

Couple, Date Night, Vacation, StaycationHonestly, we both need a break. We’ve had so many things going on, personally and professionally, that the thought of running away sounded good! LOL! We initially planned to go to Universal Studios for some “Harry Potter” fun but after talking about it we knew we would go, rush around the park, go back to the hotel, collapse and do it again the next day. Though we wanted to go to sunny Florida (you guys know me by now!) it just didn’t feel right this time. But staying home and taking it easy? We both smiled at that idea.

We gave it some thought over the last few weeks. We wanted to stay home and make sure we rested. But as we all know, when you’re at home and see the million projects you need to do, your “Staycation” can turn into nothing but work. So we promised each other that this would truly be a vacation and not fall into the “working wagon”.

We made a list of things we wanted to do around town and at home. Jeff has a major house project he has been working on for weeks in his spare time but he is so excited to hopefully finish it this week. We both agree that something like this is “fun vacation time” to us.

As for me, I want to do nothing. Well, I should clarify that. I want to rest without worrying about projects that need to be done. If there is something I want to do that makes me happy (going to the beach, playing in my art nook, sitting down by the river), that’s where my day will take me. I have one day I will be at the computer for 6 hours but it’s something I look forward to each month. I also have two days already picked out for all day movie marathons: “Harry Potter” and “Twilight”. Don’t judge me – I love these movies!

So my blog posts this week might be short because I still want to bring you content (plus I have a goal I’m trying to reach). But I’m sure looking forward to some guilt free time “away” even if we don’t leave the house!



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