Need A Little Inspiration? Well I’m Putting You On “Notice”!

Love Yourself!

Every now and then – may be even every day – we need to read this little “notice” because it holds some great truths:

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I LOVE this quote because how many times do you not allow yourself to just be happy and be in the moment? To love yourself just like you are no matter what? To realize you’re a one special, dynamic, awesome person? That you can reach for those dreams and goals you think aren’t possible? That you deserve to be treated with love? To be treated with respect?

We all go through times when we doubt ourselves but we need to realize we are super special and if we repeat the words above, they will sink into our subconscious and our hearts, reminding us to see the beauty in ourselves and  around us in a much better light.

Big Hugs To Everyone!




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Sep 13, 2018

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