Nature Around Us

Where my husband and I live is kind of amazing. Though we live in the city, we have a large piece of property by the Ashley River. This allows an amazing amount of wildlife to wander through our yard and we love watching all the creatures – big and small.

We have seen raccoons, opossums, foxes, and bobcats. We have alligators that have made a home around the dock at the river and it’s rumored that we now have coyotes around our house. And most mornings when my husband heads for work very early, he opens the door only to be greeted by numerous deer feeding in our front yard.

Now we have discovered two birds nests: one in a palm tree and the other on our front porch. We love watching the little mommas taking care of their nests and are anxiously waiting to hear the sounds of little chirps, which probably won’t be too long now.

If you can, go outside and connect with nature that is around you. If you live in the city, sometimes that may be hard but even taking the time to look at the birds flying by or watching them splash in a mud puddle is cute and can be relaxing. And if you are lucky enough like we are to be able to watch nature in action, take time to relish those amazing moments.

Love & Hugs!


Apr 08, 2018

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Try to connect with nature everyday.

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