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My New Boho Closet “Curtain”!


I’m so excited to show you something that I made: a Boho Curtain for my closet! I just love the color it lends to my writer/art nook!

Closet, Closet Door, Boho, Curtain

When I took over this room, I needed the door off the closet because of the way it swung out into the room. It was going to take up much needed space on the wall where I wanted to place one of my worktables.

Curtain, Closet, Boho,

The closet remained open in the room for some time. But in January when I had a friend coming to visit and she would be staying in this room, I had to do something to shut off the closet but I wanted it to look cute. And that’s how the Boho Closet curtain was born.

Closet, Curtain, Boho

I took my cue from those beads we used to hang on our walls or in doorways back in the 70s when I was a kid. I loved them so I remembered some Batik fabric I had and decided to cut the fabric in strips. I then knotted them together to make long fabric chains. In my next step I tied them to a tension rod that fit the opening of the closet door and voila’ – my closet had a “door”!

But my favorite part is the color. You know how much I love color and usually the brighter the better. Think living in the tropics – that’s me. Even though some of the strips were darker blues, there are hints of coral, lime, aqua and more. And the really great part? It was SO EASY to make. You could probably even do something similar and more elegant but I like that hippie vibe.

I love finding creative ways to decorate and make things for our home, especially when I can repurpose something I already have. And for this project I had everything I needed and no complicated steps.

Have you ever made something funky for your house?

Big Hugs!


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