My Creativity Tote: Planners, Journals, & Sketchbook!

I’m so excited to show you Planner and Journal Tote – or Creativity Tote! I love this because when I’m feeling creative and I want to spend time outside my art nook, I’ve got this nifty tote with a few supplies that will definitely let me be creative.Creativity, Planner, Planners, Journal, Journals, Writing, Coloring, Drawing, Tote Bag

First of all, I’ve had this tote for quite a while. It’s really great with lots of space for large items such as books, planners, journals and large notebooks. But the pockets around the edges are awesome. This is where I can put all the little things like pens, ink, stamps, stickers, scissors, Washi tape and more. With its two large handles I can take it about anywhere.

Do you have a little creative tote or bag you keep your supplies in? It doesn’t have to be journals, planners and sketchpads. It could be crochet hooks, yarn, watercolor paints and brushes. What about a tote with a few novels and a journal for note taking? It could hold whatever you need for your idea of creativity.

Have a wonderful weekend, take time for some self-care and if you have your own tote bag, share a pic!




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May 10, 2019

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