Meet “Maddy” from the “The Keys to Love”

A few weeks ago, I “interviewed” Bailey from “A Wedding in the Keys”. So today I thought maybe you’d like to know a little more about Maddy, the main character in my very first novel, “The Keys to Love”. Enjoy the interview!


Me: Hey Maddy! It’s been a while since I told your story!

Maddy: It has been! Hard to believe that it’s been almost three years. But since then you’ve told so many stories about my friends in the Keys.

Me: And each one has been so much fun. But we are here to talk about you today. How are you doing?

Maddy: Quite well! And feeling good.

Me: Still getting good doctor reports?

Maddy: Yes, thank goodness. I have to admit that Jason takes great care of me.

Me: I was just getting ready to ask about him. You two must be doing well.

Maddy: Most definitely! I was one lucky girl when I met him when I was staying in the Florida Keys. Even though we didn’t meet under the best of circumstances, I think it was just meant to be.

Me: Sounds that way! Have you two been back to visit the Keys?

Maddy: Oh yes! We actually go whenever we can. I love the islands plus my best friend Riley still lives in Islamorada. Plus we’ve been to a few weddings down there. Every one we’ve been to reminds me about – oh I don’t want to give anything away if your reader’s haven’t read mine and Jason’s story just yet.

Me: Thanks! And for those that don’t know your story, I think they would love it.

Maddy: I think so too! I’m just really glad that I decided to take that time away and spend it in the Florida Keys. It’s so beautiful there but what are the odds of getting a rental house across from a very good-looking, sweet, wonderful man?

Me: I’m assuming you are talking about Jason and I would say you got very lucky!

Maddy: I am! Even if we’ve been through some bumps in our relationship – oops! About to share a bit too much. Have to leave something for your readers.

Me: Well, take care of yourself and thanks for taking time to talk to me today.

Maddy: You are most welcome!

If you would like to read more about Maddy and Jason’s story, it’s all in “The Keys to Love”.

Big Hugs!


PS – Today’s winner of a signed copy of “The Keys to Love” is Cindy Womack. I will be emailing you shortly.

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May 21, 2018

The Keys To Montana

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