Meet Award Winning Author Dorothy St. James!

So happy to introduce you to Dorothy St. James!

This past Sunday I got to go to a special author event at Buxton Books as Dorothy St. James revealed the newest book in her “Southern Chocolate Shop” Mysteries: In Cold Chocolate. We had met at several author events, and I was so excited to be able to attend the debut of her newest book. Let me say that I got spend a wonderful time with this author and learned a lot of about chocolate – she is a wealth of knowledge about this sweet treat!Author, New Author, New Novel, Novel Debut

Dorothy St. James, who is also known as Dorothy McFalls, lives here in Charleston, SC. She has several degrees including Wildlife Biology and Public Administration and Urban Planning but is her passion is writing. She has worked in all levels of government and has used those experiences to weave tales into books. Dorothy writes in several genres, and her work has received numerous awards.

To check out her novels and to learn more about Dorothy, please visit her website at  And if you love a good mystery, make sure to put these novels on your reading list:

“Asking for Truffle”

“Playing with Bonbon Fire”

“In Cold Chocolate”

You can also check out her Amazon Author page here for her other novels! Once again, congratulations Dorothy!

Big Hugs!



  1. Dorothy St. James

    Thank you for coming out to my book signing and all of your support. I’m lucky to have connected with you.

    • Miki

      You are so welcome! Good luck with your new book. 🙂


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Oct 10, 2018

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