Love To Celebrate Family!

I think I have may have mentioned before in one of my previous blogs that I come from a large family. Not my immediate one – I’m an only child. But my mom is one of 13 children and my dad is the eldest of 12. To give you some perspective, I have 47 first cousins!

What I like about both sides of my family is that we get together for family reunions and more. We all seem to take time to keep in touch and are there for each other. Do we have our rough patches? What family doesn’t! But I love celebrating family.

My dad’s birthday was recently. Birthdays are a big thing around here. When I was growing up, my mom always made sure that someone’s birthday was celebrated whether they wanted it or not! LOL! But we don’t just celebrate special occasions. We make a point to get together for family dinners as often as possible, call to chat and of course we have a Facebook group where we can all stay in touch.

I feel very blessed that my family has been so supportive of my writing endeavors. Actually whenever I try something new, they seem to embrace whatever it is, from the whacky to the sane – thank goodness!Family, Celebrations, Mom, Dad, Birthdays, Family Time

I know not everyone is blessed to have such a big, cool family but if you don’t, surround yourself with people and friends that support you – encourage you – value you. I promise those people are out there.

Sending out those big hugs to all!



Jul 28, 2018

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Celebrate Your Family!