Love Family Time!

I have to count myself a very lucky girl. I live close to my family: parents and grandmother right next door and our blended family of three children live in the same town. I know a lot of families that are separated by many miles so we are certainly blessed.

My dad is one of 12 children and my mother is one of 13. I wonder why I was an only child??? LOL! I have a total of 47 first cousins alone! As you can probably tell, our family reunions can get pretty big but a ton of fun.

But I like having family close by. We have impromptu family dinners, go for boat rides, movie dates and more. My parents always seem have someone visiting at their house and I keep telling them I’m going to have a sign made that designates their house as a Bed & Breakfast.  The more the merrier!

In this period of time where things can be a bit chaotic, family is so important. I feel so incredibly grateful to have such a large family that supports one another and cheers each other on.

Remember to take time for family. Even if you are far apart, the Internet has made is possible to talk to each other virtually face to face (love FaceTime and Zoom). It gives you that feeling as though you are in the same room. And even though we might not always agree or have differing opinions, we are still there for each other. And that is a wonderful gift.

Big Hugs!


This was my Dad’s family reunion a few years ago. We had quite the bunch and there were about 30+ people who weren’t able to join the party! But we had a great time. Now can you imagine my Mom’s side of the family here too?

Apr 13, 2018

The Keys To Montana

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