Listening To The Oldies On My Record Player

The other day when I was upstairs, looking for a small shelf, I came across a box full of my old 45 records from my childhood. I knew they were there but just seeing them made me want to listen them right away!

My dad gave me a record player a few years back – one of the new models that came on the market when LPs got popular again. It is definitely not the little record player I had as a child but it works perfectly. I quickly put the small disc in the middle that would hold the smaller record, I grabbed the first black disk out of the box and put the needle on it. Even with its scratches, the sound, the song, and the fact that I was listening to a record instead of my digital music brought back so any memories from long ago.

Record Player, Records, 45s, LPs, Vinyl Albums, MusicAs I’ve told you before, I LOVE music! When I was younger, I listened to music probably more than I watched TV. My record collections – 45s and LPs – was quite extensive. I have my 45s – just wished I had kept my LPs too. Now that I have listened to the old records I might have to start collecting LPs!

Do you have anything stored away that the moment you see that item it brings back fond memories of a happy time?

Big Hugs To All!



Aug 06, 2018

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