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Let’s Write Down Those Intentions/Goals for 2019!


So far in the last few days, we have talked about your “word” for 2019 and how to declutter, mentally and physically. Now it’s time to put pen to paper.

Our next step in getting ready for 2019 is to write our intentions/goals/dreams for the year. What do you want to accomplish over the next twelve months?

Now some people like to plan for a year, 5 years or even 10! For right now, think about what you would like to see, do, have, or become over the following months. Write those things down on paper and keep them some place where you can see them daily. Once again, a journal is the perfect place!

After writing your list, make sure that the items you wrote down are in alignment with your word for the year. For example: if your word was to “Simplify”, you certainly don’t want to have 20 items on your list! That is definitely not bringing you any simplicity to your life. I’ve even had to rethink some of my intentions after I considered my word for the year – self-care. I was trying to accomplish too much, so some things were put off till a later time.

Also, once you read your list, this is not the time to let self-doubt cloud your mind. You might begin to think there is no way that you can achieve your goals. Don’t accept this! Don’t accept “No” or “Can’t”! You can do whatever you set your mind on. Will there be some bumps in the road? Certainly and that is how we learn. Will we face those people who think we can’t do it? Yes, but guess what? You are the one that gets to decide what you do, not other people. Don’t let anyone else determine your goals and dreams for you!

Keeping all this information in a journal is the perfect place. To be entered in the Journal 2019 Giveaway today, leave a comment on the blog answering this question: Have you written your intentions/goals/dreams? That’s it! Your comment on the blog will earn you 5 entries into the giveaway. Plus, commenting and sharing social media posts earn you extra entries as well. There will be five lucky winners announced 12/31 – just in time for the 2019 New Year!

Now, write those intentions down!

Big Hugs!




Miki Bennett

Inspired by a passion for wholesome adventure, Miki Bennett is the author of two contemporary women’s fiction series: The Florida Keys Novels and Camping in High Heels. A love affair with the beach and lifelong experiences with camping led her to write romance novels that bring humor and paradise to readers’ fingertips. Her stories touch the hearts of all who read them.

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