Let’s Meet “Skylar” From “Run Away To The Keys”!

It’s that time of week again – another character interview! Today I’m “talking” to “Skylar” – one of the main characters in Run Away to the Keys from the “Florida Keys Novels”. Here we go!

Run Away to the Keys by Miki BennettMe: Hi Skylar! Welcome!

 Skylar: Thanks for having me!

 Me: I knew I had to talk to you because you have accomplished so much.

 Skylar: Well, not a lot. I mean I know other people who have done much more than me.

 Me: No girl, you’re a hero to women out there. I’m in awe of your confidence to go after what you wanted even when your family disapproved. I mean you started your own charter boat company in the Florida Keys. I don’t think there are too many women doing that.

 Skylar:There are more than you think but we are still the minority. As far as standing up to my family, that was hard but I’m glad I did.

 Me: Like I said a minute ago, you’re a huge role model for a lot of women who want to go after their dreams.

 Skylar: You’re making me blush! But thanks for the compliment. I just knew I didn’t want to stay in the family business anymore. My brother and sister may love real estate but I never really liked it. I’ve loved boats since I was a little girl. When I was younger, I saved every bit of money I made to buy my first boat all on my own. While other girls wanted a bike or, as we got older, a car, I wanted a boat. I guess that’s what I get for living by the water in Florida!

 Me: But you also moved to the Florida Keys on your own. I know other people do that but starting a new company and moving? That’s a lot!

 Skylar: As I look back on it, that was quite the challenge but I wouldn’t change a thing. Mainly because I don’t think I ever would’ve met Garrett. Still not sure why he picked my boat for his research vessel but I’m glad he did!

 Me: I’m sure he is too! You two have been together for a while now?

 Skylar: Yes, we’re….

 Me: Sorry to interrupt you but I want to leave some of your story for the readers to find out in the book. But he is a bit older than you right?

 Skylar: Yes, but I’ve never seen that as a problem.

 Me: Oh, I don’t think so either! But your family wasn’t to keep on Garrett at first, right? Plus, have strangers asked you about the age difference?

 Skylar: Yeah, my family was skeptical but now they love Garrett. As for other people, I’ve noticed a few looks here and there but people are going to have their own opinions. I can’t let it bother me! Plus, now that Garrett and I…

 Me: Wait a minute! I’m sorry to stop you again but I don’t want to give away too much away.

 Skylar: Me either!  I really want your readers to enjoy the book. I will say that Garrett and I have an interesting story for sure.

 Me: I will agree with that! Skylar, thanks for meeting with me today!

 Skylar: I’ve enjoyed it! And let me know when you want to go out in the boat. Maybe some snorkeling? It’s beautiful in the Keys.

 Me: I’ll let you know!

I hope you enjoyed this tiny glimpse of “Skylar” from Run Away to the Keys. This is another character I loved writing about: a strong female finding her own way and not letting anyone stop her.

Enjoy reading!





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May 21, 2019

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