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Let’s Meet “Josie” From The Novel “Forever in the Keys”!

Once again I’m bringing you another “interview” on a character from my novels. This time let’s meet “Josie” from Forever in the Keys! She has a very interesting story to tell!

Forever in the Keys by Miki BennettMe: Good morning Josie! Thank you for letting me stop by this morning for a talk and some tea. By the way, this view is magnificent!

 Josie: It’s good to see you! Yes, I love sitting out here on the porch. I never tire of that clear aqua colored ocean water.

 Me: Me either! And this time of year it’s perfect for a swim. Or snorkeling!

 Josie: I leave most of the water activities for Michael and his friends though I do like to take a float and sit in the water sometimes for some relaxation.

 Me: How do you enjoy living in Marathon compared to Key West?

 Josie: I wasn’t sure at first but I love it now but things are so different for me since we….

 Me: I hate to stop you but I don’t want to give away all the secrets of your story. Once I learned of what you went through, you’re kinda an inspiration for a lot of women.

 Josie: Thanks for the compliment but for a long time I wasn’t the most pleasant person to be around.

 Me: I’m not sure I would be either after what you went through but I wouldn’t beat yourself up about that. Life has a way of weighing us down at times.

 Josie: Yes, but I could have tried to change things a bit sooner. Thanks goodness for Abbey! That girl was too cheerful when I first met her but she was just what this woman needed. Someone who cared. She’s taught me so much.

 Me: I know! Some of my readers have commented that they don’t know if they would have been able to make the choice you did! That had to be a hard decision.

 Josie: You mean letting – oops! I almost said something I shouldn’t!

 Me: That’s okay! I catch myself all the time telling new readers a few things about your story that I didn’t mean to say because I want them to enjoy yours and Abbey’s story when they read it.

 Josie: Then it’s a good thing Michael isn’t here! He would be telling the whole tale by now.

 Me: Well, when he gets back please tell him I said “hi” and that I’ll try to see him later. Thanks again for the tea!

 Josie: Anytime! Maybe next time you can visit when Sean is in town. I know he would love that.

 Me: Sounds great! He has a really great story too.

 Josie: He sure does though not like his dad thank goodness. I think he learned from Michaels’s ….  There I go again, almost spilling the details!

 Me:No problem! Have a great day!

I love the character of “Josie”. She was very interesting to write about with her complex story. If you have already read Forever in the Keys, let me know what you think about her. If you haven’t read it, when you do I think you will really like her and how she was able to overcome some major difficulties.

Look for more character interviews to come!





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