Let’s Meet “Everly Meyers” from “Back To The Keys”!

I hope that you are enjoying these character “interviews” as much as I am! With each one I feel like I’m revisiting an old friend. Today I’m “talking” to “Everly Meyers” from Back to the Keys – novel #4 in the “The Florida Keys Novels”.Back to the Keys by Miki Bennett

Me: Hello Everly! Welcome!

 Everly: Hi! This is exciting. I’ve never been interviewed so I’m kinda nervous.

 Me: Oh please don’t be. We’re very informal here. I just wanted to chat with you and let my readers know a little more about you.

 Everly: Sounds good! What would you like to talk about first?

 Me: You were born in Key West, right?

 Everly: I sure was. Born and raised!

 Me: I was startled to learn that you wanted to leave the Keys. Everyone I know wants to vacation there or even move there!

 Everly: For me it was so different. I never really traveled anywhere. I lived in shorts, tank tops and flip-flops. Even during Christmas time! I would see pictures of snow, mountains and more and have such a yearning to go somewhere. We didn’t travel much when I was a child because my dad was sick.

 Me: But when you did leave you went to New York City. Why?

 Everly: Goes back to pictures and TV. It seemed a picture of New York City would always pop up no matter where I went. Every year as a little girl then a teenager, I watched the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop and dreamed of being there in Times Square. I guess you could say I was obsessed about New York. My room was covered in pictures and posters.

 Me: And here I am with pictures of the Florida Keys all over my house, my phone and computer!

 Everly: I have to admit it’s beautiful there and I love that I’m…

 Me: Oops! Sorry to interrupt but I want to leave something for my readers – those that haven’t read your story.

 Everly: That’s right! We talked about this before we started the interview. Sorry about that!

 Me: No problem! Just don’t want to give too much away. But I have to ask you about Drew.

 Everly: Now I will have to be very careful what I say!

 Me: Since he’s your friend Abbey’s brother, you knew about him before you two met right?

 Everly: Definitely! As soon as Abbey mentioned that Drew lived in New York City I couldn’t wait to meet him.

 Me: That good looking?

 Everly: Well, he’s certainly that but at the time I was more interested and in awe of the fact that he was living in my dream city. Then when we met, though I immediately had a crush on him, I couldn’t ask him enough questions about New York. And his thoughts were like yours! Why would I want to leave the Keys with the warm weather, tropical vibe and my family?

 Me: Sometimes you just have to follow those dreams and see where they take you.

 Everly: That was me but it I never imagined…

 Me: Sorry to stop you again! I just want my readers to get lost in your story because I think we can all see ourselves in you.

 Everly: Yes, I think we all have something we want to pursue whether or not it will work out.

 Me: I have to agree there! Thanks for meeting with me today.

 Everly: This was fun! I can’t believe I was so anxious at first. Just let me know if you want to talk again. I’m available anytime!

I hope you enjoyed meeting “Everly” from Back to the Keys – part of “The Florida Keys Novels”. I loved writing this book and the story is one for all the dreamers out there.





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Jun 05, 2019

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