Let’s Meet “Brandon” from the “Camping in High Heels” Series!

Are you ready for another character “interview”? I love these bits of information about the characters in my novels. This week I’m “talking” to “Brandon” from the Camping in High Heels series.

Camping in High Heels - Las Vegas by Miki BennettMe: Hey Brandon! So glad we could sit down for a quick chat.

 Brandon: No problem! Glad we had access to good Wi-Fi at this campground so we could talk via FaceTime.

 Me: Me too!

 Brandon: I heard it’s a little hot in Charleston right now.

 Me: That’s for sure! We are experiencing a heat wave – very unusual so early in the season but it’s part of living in the Lowcountry. But you’re used to this type of weather since you’re from Phoenix right?

 Brandon: True but it’s different on the East Coast. A little more humidity than I’m used in Arizona.

 Me: Are you planning on a stop in Charleston during your travels since this is Kate’s hometown?

 Brandon: I think we are but we have a lot of traveling between here and there.

 Me: That’s right! You’re in – oops! Never mind! I’ll be giving too much away to my readers if I reveal your location.

 Brandon: Then my lips are sealed as far as our travel plans.

 Me: Well everyone has enjoyed yours and Kate’s adventures so far. You’ve done some pretty interesting things and been to some great places.

 Brandon: We have! Kate and her dad planned everything out pretty well. I’m lucky I decided to take my Dad’s offer.

 Me: Yikes! Don’t say anything else! Once again we have to leave something for the reader’s to enjoy!

 Brandon: Sorry about that! Let’s just say I’m one lucky man.

 Me: I think Kate is one lucky girl. I mean you’ve had a lot on your plate when you started traveling. A lot of stress! I think you’ve handled things rather well.

 Brandon: Thanks! I’ll admit it was quite a bumpy road there for a while and sometimes it’s still challenging but with Kate things seem to be smoother. It helps to have someone you can rely on and trust to help you.

 Me: But you’ve helped her a lot too especially when she recently – oops! There I go again! Almost telling too much. And here I thought you might give some of your story away.

 Brandon: That’s okay! I wish I could say something too but your readers are going to love the story. It’s pretty special. Actually, since I met Kate, things have been really amazing. Wow – I sound like a sappy love song.

 Me: I think you sound just find. Us girls like our guys to show and talk about their emotions. With that I need to let you go. Thanks for the chat and I can’t wait to see what you and Kate do next!

 Brandon: I’m sure it will be filled with fun and adventure like it’s been so far.

 Me: I think so too!

So there’s a glimpse of “Brandon” from the Camping in High Heels series. This Fall look for “Camping in High Heels: Brandon” – a prequel novella for the series. It will give you a more in-depth look at Brandon and what led to him meeting Kate on the road.

Happy Reading and Camping!




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May 28, 2019

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