Forever in the Keys by Miki Bennett

Let’s Meet “Abbey” From My Novel “Forever In The Keys”!

This week brings another “character interview”! Let’s meet Abbey Wallace – the main character in my second novel – Forever in the Keys in the “Florida Keys Novels”.Forever in the Keys by Miki Bennett

Me: Hi Abbey! I’m so glad you could join me today for a few minutes. I know the readers would love to know more about you.

 Abbey: Thanks for the invitation. I’ve never been interviewed before!

 Me: There’s nothing to it! Just a simple conversation.

 Abbey: Sounds great!

 Me: I first have to ask: why did you move to the Florida Keys so quickly when you lived in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina?

 Abbey: Honestly, it was hard at first. I grew up in the Smokey Mountains and had a great job too. But that first trip to Keys was – how could I describe it – magical. I loved everything about being here. The weather, the tropical islands, the music, the food, the art. I mean I really loved it all!

 Me: Definitely different from the mountains.

 Abbey: Yes but I love them too. My parents still live in Asheville so visiting is a priority. And I have to say when the weather gets a little too warm here, that’s the perfect time to head up north.

 Me: So I guess I can say you’re still happy your sudden move to Key West.

 Abbey: I say it was the best decision. Mainly because I wouldn’t have ever met Zach.

 Me: Very true!  How are things between you two?

 Abbey: They couldn’t better! As corny as this sounds, Zach is my other half. I’m really lucky.

 Me: But you did go through a bit of a rough patch right in your relationship right?

 Abbey: I’d call it a big rough patch! Sometimes it’s hard to think about that time. But instead of talking about it, I’ll let your readers see what they think when they read the book.

 Me: Yes I would call it a stressful time but both of you seem better now.

 Abbey: Sometimes it just takes time to see your circumstances differently. That applied not only to me and Zach but my neighbor Josie as well. But once again, we’ll leave that for the readers to find out the details when they read the book.

 Me: Well, thanks again for the interview. Maybe we can talk to Zach one day?

 Abbey: I’m sure that would be no problem!

I hope you enjoyed this tiny glimpse into Abbey’s life in the novel “Forever in the Keys”. As with all my characters, I love her spirit, tenacity and the way she shows kindness to all. Plus, she gets to live in the Florida Keys – one of my “happy” places!




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