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Let’s Journal About Health!

This past weekend I posted an “I’m Sorry” video on my Facebook Page. See, this year has been quite a rollercoaster ride and I had made some promises to you that didn’t come to fruition. And the main reason centered around health.

It wasn’t just my personal health issues I was dealing with but also those of my husband, mom and daughter. The stress of my chronic illness symptoms were getting worse plus my family kept me busy. There were what felt like a zillion doctors’ appointments and it seemed we were always on the road. When I would get back home, all I wanted to do was take a shower, eat and go to bed. But I kept pushing through and though I reached a few goals, my body decided it needed a break because along with the health issues we had other things that happened involving family and friends that were challenging.

I tell you all of this because though I know how important my health is, I didn’t really take the time I needed to take care of myself though my doctors had told me last year to slow down. Now I have no choice. It’s been about 7 weeks now of getting serious about listening to my doctors and my body. Though the progress is slow, I can see my baby steps are helping me make some progress so I count each one as a win.

So, this week lets journal about our health. I hope these questions will help you reflect on your own health journey especially if it needs to be tweaked just a bit!

  1. What is your definition of being healthy?
  2. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being in the best health ever and 1 being the worst, what would your number be and why?
  3. Do you exercise? Why or why not? What is your favorite way to get your movement in for the day?
  4. Are you a healthy eater – eating whole, real healthy foods that nourish your body?
  5. What is your way of handling stress?
  6. Do you have a good support system around you for the good and challenging times of life?
  7. What is one thing you do every day that makes you smile and feel good?

The answers to these questions will help you see where you are on the scale of healthcare. Right now I’m in self-care mode: learning the things I need to restore my health. My goal is to get to a self-maintenance mode where I’m keeping my health at its best. The questions above have helped me on my journey and I hope they will help you too.




Miki Bennett

Inspired by a passion for wholesome adventure, Miki Bennett is the author of two contemporary women’s fiction series: The Florida Keys Novels and Camping in High Heels. A love affair with the beach and lifelong experiences with camping led her to write romance novels that bring humor and paradise to readers’ fingertips. Her stories touch the hearts of all who read them.

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